Quality and InfoSec Policies


We at Wallencore recognize that the quality, information security and data privacy and are an integral part of its management function. We see these as a primary responsibility and to be crucial to good business in adopting fitting quality standards. Wallencore’s quality policy calls for continual improvement in its quality management activities and business will be conducted according to the following values.

We will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Canada and abroad;
  • Provide awesome services, solutions and products to our customers, focused on their expectations;
  • Communicate this system within the company and where relevant to our key partners;
  • Continually review this system to improve its effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Involve our employees and key partners in the continual development process;
  • Establish objectives by which effectiveness and improvements may be measured;
  • Establish feedback systems to measure the performance of Wallencore;
  • Learn from both the positive and negative outcomes of this measurement process, making improvements where appropriate.


Wallencore develops software and service solutions, directly and with business partners. We are committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets throughout the organization.
Wallencore recognizes that information security is key to the success of the business. Within our operations we aim to prevent and minimize the impact of security incidents in order to enhance our reputation and support business growth in line with our strategic direction.
The purpose of this policy is to help protect Wallencore’s information assets, and those of customers or other parties while in Wallencore control, from all threats whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental.

It is our policy to ensure that:

  • We satisfy our information security requirements;
  • Information is protected against unauthorized access;
  • Confidentiality of information is assured;
  • Integrity of information is maintained;
  • Availability of information is ensured;
  • Regulatory and legislative requirements are met;
  • Business continuity plans are maintained and tested;
  • Information security training is available to all staff;
  • Breaches of information security are reported to, and investigated by, the Information Security Manager;
  • Information security objectives are set, tracked and reported; and
  • We undertake continual improvement activities.

This policy, and the ISMS which defines procedures to support the implementation of the policy, along with a framework for risk assessments and risk management, are a demonstration of our commitment to protect all information within the organization, and to satisfy all the relevant requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 standard.